The Corporate Resilience Benchmark

that quantifies human capital and organisational risk

Our Approach

The Workforce Resilience Index measures organisational and team wellbeing and resilience, providing you with real world data to see any gaps in your ability to execute.

A resilient and successful business is underpinned by a resilient workforce

The Power of Visibility

Align your expectations with what you can measure

A resilient organisation is one that can routinely deal with adversity and change without losing its shape – and stay that way.

How do you compare?

The Workforce Resilience Index delivers your own workforce resilience benchmark as well as comparing you against the Index to ensure that you are on the right path

Our Influence

  • ✓ Improved Retention
  • ✓ Better employee satisfaction
  • ✓ Develop Resilient Talent
  • ✓ Alignment between expectation and ability execute
  • ✓ Better workforce and company performance

Improve your Workforce Resilience

Find out you can make your workforce more resilient to achieve your goals today